Blues Divine is at heart an ancestral mixtape and tribute. These poems have been creative salvations, signposts, people's history and testimonies. Born into a crossing over place where Indigenous met African met Texan met Alaskan Native, sat down in a pre-Stonewall gay bar and discussed shadows and recovery... Inside is a journey of many intersections and switchbacks, fast running rivers and swamplands, as well as those sacred places where sun splits the sky wide open. 

These poems were birthed from music and many spoken/sung traditions, so naturally there is a soundtrack/audiobook with Storme's signature voice in performance of the poetry.

The book can be ordered directly from the author, or through Amazon.  The audiobook tracks can be downloaded through CD Baby.

- Storme Webber - Blues Divine (print) - Storme Webber - Blues Divine (CD) - Storme Webber - Blues Divine (digital audio) -
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